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Sheryl Plouffe, Dannella Burnett and Tom Matzen,
Founders, ICONMAKER Joint Venture
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This deep dive four hour Workshop will show them How To Unleash Their Potential, Scale Their Business & Become An Industry Icon So They Can Have More Impact, Influence & Income — Even If They Have No List, No Team, And The Tech Terrifies Them!
The Workshop investment is $27, which we donate to Kiva.org for microloans in developing countries. So we don't pay that as a referral fee, of course. We do track tags for lifetime, and if they invest in any of our Programs, you earn a Referral Fee.
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Sheryl Plouffe
Sheryl is the Founder & CEO of Scalable Business Accelerator and the host of the Cash In On Camera podcast. She has produced thousands of videos and broadcast over 20,000 hours of live television as a national TV presenter.
Sheryl leads our Seven Figure Podcaster Program.
Tom Matzen
Tom is a serial entrepreneur and creator of the Game Changer Program, a systematic way to create, blueprint, validate and sell High Ticket Offers for emerging and established speakers, authors, influencers, business coaches and consultants.
Tom leads our High Ticket Program Training & Event Marketing Strategy.
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