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Give Your Tribe More Visibility & Influence
Several years ago the best lead magnet we ever promoted to our tribe was The Ultimate Directory of Podcasters. Our tribe loved it so much, we got five times the opt-ins from a normal lead magnet. In fact we loved it so much, we bought the company!!

And we're bringing it back with a team of amazing entrepreneurs.

We'd love your support to share this awesome gift, totally updated for 2024.

And when they use it, they'll get booked on podcast shows to increase their visibility and influence.

Hope you'll decide to join us and give your tribe more visibility and influence – and earn some amazing prizes (and cash) along the way!

Sheryl Plouffe, Dannella Burnett and Tom Matzen,
Founders, ICONMAKER Live

The Offer & Funnel :
What You Will Promote To Your Tribe...
The 2024 Ultimate Directory of Podcasters is a FREE directory that contains detailed contact information for 958 of The World's Leading Podcasters (including their email address!) who are always looking for guests just like your Tribe Members to feature in their high-visibility shows!

We will then invite them to join us at ICONMAKER Live 2024 March 27th - 29th, our epic virtual event.
If they do, we will then offer them a VIP ticket.
If they don't, we'll offer a downsell of an Authority Building Course.

After that everyone will then be sent a nurturing sequence to educate and inspire them to join us for ICONMAKER Live 2024 – a Live Virtual Event March 27th-29th, 2024 on building a seven figure business leveraging the power of business podcasts.

If they purchase a Regular Ticket for $97 or a VIP Ticket for $197, you earn 50% of that, of course. And if any decide to invest in our Seven Figure Podcaster Program you'll earn an additional $2,500 (20% of the Initial Payment for the Program).
Just send 2-3 emails to The 2024 Ultimate Directory of Podcasters PDF anytime in February 2024 and we'll do the rest!
Who this Offer is For
This offer is for people who want to increase their influence and visibility to make a positive impact and scale their business! Including...
- Experts;
- Content Creators;
- Consultants;
- Coaches;
- Any entrepreneur wanting more visibility;
- And more!
Affiliate & JV Results from 2023
These are average stats from our 2023 launch event, ICONMAKER Live:
- The 2023 Ultimate Directory of Podcasters Opt-in Page Conversion: 42%;
- EPC (earnings per click): $12;
- EPL (earnings per lead): $29;
- Virtual Event Ticket Purchase Rate: 10% of Directory Opt-Ins;
- Upgrade to VIP at ICONMAKER Live: 48%;
- Backend Conversion (Tickets Purchased that bought the High Ticket Offer): 11.9%;
- ​Backend Conversion (Qualified Leads that bought the High Ticket Offer): 40.6%;
Top Partners Who Promoted in 2023!
David Riklan & JV Directory
Mark Porteous
Soulful Leadership Alliance & JV Directory
Daven Michaels
123 Employee
Robert Martinez
Impact System Marketing
Iman Aghay
Robert Evans
Jane Warr
Selling On The Spot
Erin Loman Jeck
Transformational Speakers Agency
Eva Gregory
Successful Spiritual Entrepreneurs
Meet Our Amazing JV Manager, Chelsea Frederick
As a digital marketer and entrepreneur with almost 20 year of expertise, Chelsea led Brian Tracy's marketing, including JV Management and ultimately grew his online earnings from $1 million to $5 million annually while building a thriving internal team.
After Brian Tracy, Chelsea co-founded and grew a full-service Digital Marketing Agency, scaling it to $5-6 million in annual revenue with clients such as Brian Tracy, Jack Canfield, Mike Koenigs, Mike Filsaime and more.
As a JV Manager Chelsea has done millions of dollars in partnership deals throughout her career. We're honored to have Chelsea lead our JV Management at ICONMAKER Live.
Contact Chelsea at [email protected]
Total Prizes Available $556,250!!
We have three categories of prizes for Referral Partners.
Total Opt-Ins, Opt-In Prizes everyone can win, and Small List Prizes for most Opt-Ins.
 See the details below.
#1 - Prizes For Most Opt-Ins
This is the Grand Prize for the heavy hitter Referral Partners. To qualify for this, you must have at least 100 opt-ins and the conversion rate to tickets at ICONMAKER Live needs to be within 20% of the entire list average, and of course, English speaking.
That said, if you're an over achiever, we think you'll love this prize, and we appreciate you sharing to your tribe this amazing directory.
  • First Place gets our entire Seven Figure Podcaster Program, Value $100,000 or $25,000 Cash, your choice.
  • Second Place gets a Done For You Strategic Philanthropy Workshop, Value $25,000 or $10,000 Cash, your choice.
  • Third Place gets a Done For You Strategic Philanthropy Workshop, Value $25,000 or $5,000 Cash, your choice.
  • Fourth Place gets a Done For You Strategic Philanthropy Workshop, Value $25,000.
  • Fifth Place gets a Done For You Strategic Philanthropy Workshop, Value $25,000.
  • Sixth Place gets a Done For You Strategic Philanthropy Workshop, Value $25,000.
  • Seventh Place gets a Done For You Strategic Philanthropy Workshop, Value $25,000.
  • Eighth Place gets a Done For You Strategic Philanthropy Workshop, Value $25,000.
  • Ninth Place gets a Done For You Strategic Philanthropy Workshop, Value $25,000.
  • Tenth Place gets a Done For You Strategic Philanthropy Workshop, Value $25,000.
Please note these amazing Done For You Workshops sell for $25,000 to the public. They're averaging 80-92% show up, 90 - 95% retention over four hours, and a stunning 14 - 40% application to high ticket rate.
The Referral Partners that win these get them personally done by the Founders of ICONMAKER Live, in the order they place.
You'll love them.
Total Prize Value $325,000.
Sheryl Plouffe, Tom Matzen & Dannella Burnett
#2 - Prizes For All Referral Partners For Opt-Ins
  • 5 opt-ins or more and you get a General Admission Ticket to ICONMAKER Live, Value $97
  • 25 opt-ins or more and get a VIP Ticket to ICONMAKER Live, Value $197 each;
  • 100 opt-ins or more and get a solo promotion to our entire list, Value $1,000 each;
  • 250 opt-ins or more and get a Full Day Virtual Mastermind with Tom, Sheryl & Dannella,. Value $2,500 each;
  • 500 opt-ins or more and get a Strategic Philanthropy Workshop Strategy Session. Value $10,000 each;
Total prizes to be awarded depends on total opt-ins received and number of Referral Partners. Our best estimate is that we will award a total of $191,750 in prizes in this section.
#3 - Prizes For Small List Referral Partners  Only - For Opt-Ins
Have a small list but big passion for your Tribe? We love that. In fact this section of prizes are available only to those with an email list of 1,000 OR LESS!!

To qualify for this, you must have at least 25 opt-ins and the conversion rate to tickets at ICONMAKER Live needs to be within 20% of the entire list average.

That said, if you're an over achiever with a small list, we think you'll love this, and we also appreciate you sharing your tribe this amazing directory:

  • First Place gets a Done For You Strategic Philanthropy Workshop, Value $25,000. We really believe small hinges can swing big doors, if you do, come and play! If you're the top "small list" you win this!!
  • Second Place gets a Strategic Philanthropy Workshop Strategy Session and the entire Strategic Philanthropy Deep Dive Course. Value $10,000;
  • Third Place gets a Strategic Philanthropy Workshop Deep Dive Course. Value $5,000;
Total Prize Value $40,000.
#4 Second Tier Referral Rewards
Excited to add this in. If you refer other referral partners to promote the Directory or our ICONMAKER Live Event, you earn a reward on anything they earn.

Here are the second tier rewards:
- ICONMAKER Live Virtual Event Regular & VIP Tickets: they earn 50%, you earn 10%

- Platinum VIP you earn 5% on their sales, regardless of purchase price.

- Main High Ticket Offer (Seven Figure Podcaster Program), they earn 20% of first $12,500 (or $2500) and you earn 5% ($625)

Total Prize Value To Be Determined :-)
Sheryl Plouffe
Entrepreneurs hire Sheryl and her partners Dannella & Tom to empower them to unleash their potential, scale their business & become an industry icon in their niche because they're sick and tired of inconsistent cash flow, being "the best kept secret", and not having the impact they desire. So she helps them enroll new clients with ease, build high impact, high margin programs, and grow exponentially.

Bottom line, she helps them build a seven figure business, guaranteed.

Sheryl has produced thousands of videos and broadcast more than 20,000 hours of live television as a national TV presenter. Sheryl leads our Seven Figure Podcaster Program.

Tom Matzen
Tom has started some 93 businesses of his own, 10 of them to seven figures and beyond. More importantly, his personal coaching clients have generated more than one hundred seventy-five million in sales in dozens of industries across the globe.

However he has made more mistakes on his own businesses already than most people make in a lifetime. He has made and lost millions, several times over. He is two time international best-selling author with some 178,000 copies of his books sold to date.

Tom shares his authentic-self with communities around the globe with real-life stories of glorious triumphs and colossal failures. Leveraging this priceless knowledge Tom is on a mission to empower entrepreneurs to do good and make money at the same time. He is Co-Founder of ICONMAKER Live.

Dannella Burnett
Dannella is a serial entrepreneur, owner of Speakers Need to Speak and Encore Elite Events.

95% of her clients have run six or seven figure events in the last three years.

Dannella is a Co-Founder of ICONMAKER Joint Venture and leads our Speaker Training and Event Strategy.

Join Our Referral Partner Program for ICONMAKER Events & Downloads
Available Commissions:

#1 - ICONMAKER LIVE Ticket Sales.
       - General Admission Tickets are $97 - We pay 50%
       - VIP Admission Tickets are $197 - We pay 50%

#2 - ICONMAKER LIVE Platinum VIP Ticket Sales. (This is very limited in-person VIP Option)
       - Super Early Bird Tickets (first 20) are $1,500 - We pay 20%
       - Early Bird Tickets (next 20) are $2,500 - We pay 10%
       - Standard Tickets (all remaining) are $3,500 - We pay 5%


Plus if anyone joins our High Ticket Program called Seven Figure Podcaster Program you'll earn 20% of the first payments totaling $12,500. That means you'll earn $2,500.

This is lifetime tracked, first tag!! That means any time in the future if they upgrade you get rewarded.


Please note, this assumes normal show up rates and normal conversion rates.

We reserve the right to disqualify anyone that abuses the process, of course.

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